Our Short Films

Le Ressac

2015, B&W, HD, 18 min.

A young couple goes through the ordeal of jealousy and separation when the man lets himself lure by temptation in the form of a mysterious dancer.


2014, Color, HD, 3 min.

After watching too much television—and maybe also not following too accurately the dosage of her prescription drugs—a mother thinks her son is a serial killer...

Off a Cliff

2014, Color, HD, 5 min.

Jhongwei has something important to say to Damon, his boyfriend, but the time isn't right––then again, is it ever?

Wish Hotel

2012, Color, HD, 38 min.

One ordinary day in a small Taipei hotel is slightly disturbed by the arrival of Da Guan, the new night shift front desk employee. For Kai-Lin though, the solitary chambermaid, this encounter will change everything, as the 'new guy' seems to have a way to see her like no one ever did before...

2012, Color, HD, 6 min.

Yahn celebrates his birthday with his friends Pierre and Caroline, but the party is not as happy as it should be...

Joyeux Anniversaire


2010, Color, HD, 3 min.

In one moment, a junkie realizes what might have led her to using drugs and where using drugs might lead her.

Sans Nicolas

2009, Color, SD, 7 min.

A young couple has to face the death of their only child, each in their own way, before being able to find each other again.

Fine (The End)

2007, Color, SD, 8 min.

All alone in her place, a young woman is harassed over the phone by someone who tries to break into her apartment... unless the stranger wants to get out of her life.


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